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aikido, amber, amherst, aquarius, archery, arisia, arrogant worms, atheism, aztec, bad movies, bdsm, beer, biking, board games, bondage, boston, brewing, brookline, cacaoatl, canadian aboriginal syllabics, card games, cats, cheapass games, cheese, chocolate, chrononauts, cj, combinatorics, computer games, computer science, computers, conlangs, constructed languages, contact juggling, cooking, cream, cuddling, dartmouth, dartmouth college, dr. john, dropkick murphys, dylan, earthsea, edward gorey, egypt, egyptian hieroglyphs, electronics, esperanto, fandom, fantasy, first-order logic, five colleges, free software, games, gaming, gay marriage, geekery, george gershwin, gnew, gnostica, gnu, go, great big sea, hangul, hanover, harry potter, haskell, hieroglyphs, hikaru no go, holography, hot sauce, ice cream, icehouse, icehouse games, inform 7, intensional logic, interactive fiction, j. r. r. tolkien, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, juggling, lambda calculus, language, larry niven, linguistics, linux, lisp, long hair, looney labs, macintosh computers, martial arts, math, mathematics, maya, maya hieroglyphs, mead, megatokyo, mesoamerica, neil gaiman, nikola tesla, nobilis, nomic, northampton, nudism, nudity, open source software, orthography, oscilloscopes, pennsic, phi tau, professor longhair, programming languages, roger zelazny, role playing games, role-playing games, roleplaying, sandman, sca, scheme, sci-fi, science fiction, semantics, siteswap, slide rules, snuggling, something positive, spicy food, tang soo do, terry gilliam, tesla coils, text adventures, the beatles, the doors, the klezmatics, the nields, theremins, tibetan script, tom stoppard, ts'ib, type theory, ubuntu, umass, unicode, ursula leguin, volcano, voltaire, webcomics, writing systems, xibalba, zendo
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